We Assign Specific Receptionists to Answer Your Calls:


Our Live Receptionist: they not only connect with you but also with your clients. It will be the same ladies answering your calls which will give the impression they are right there in Your Office. . .


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Professional Services
Be there for your customers.

You're a Contractor, Real Estate Agent, CPA, Insurance agent Attorney or other professional. Your customers depend on you being there when they need you, but you need to keep costs down. Front Office Staff offers you full time telephone receptionist at 1/10 the cost of hiring your own.


Field Engineers
We can handle calls for field dispatch.

Do you manage a group of Field Engineers or Technicians? We can handle calls for field dispatch. We can transfer calls and/or send messages (Voicemail to Email) to their cell phones while they are driving to and from service calls, saving you time and of course money.


Small Business Owners
Spend time growing your business.

If you own a small business and are a sole proprietor you need to spend your time growing your business, closing deals, etc. and not doing paperwork or answering the phone. We can help….


We build your brand.

Many times success in a small business is all about how the public perceives you. We all know it's true, because we have all done it. We have hung up on a small business because when we called them for service, their phones went immediately to voicemail. It's not that they won't give good service; it's just that you say to yourself "if they can't even answer the phone to make a sale, how are they going to support me after the sale." It is a logical conclusion.

In order to prevent that from happening to you as small business owner, you have to Look Bigger Than You Are. In order to accomplish Looking Bigger, you have to act as if you have more employees. One very easy way to do this is to have your phones answered by a professional Live Receptionist Service such as Front Office Staff Folsom/El Dorado Hills. This has two important benefits. One it cuts down on hang up calls due to going immediately to voicemail. Two prospective customers now know that they will get a live person if they need service after the sale.

Make your business Better; Hire Front Office Staff Service to answer your phone and put a professional image out there for everyone to see.

We will tailor our service to your needs! 




I have been a client of Front Office Staff for the past year and have been very pleased with their service. The receptionists are always professional and pleasant and I get great feedback from my clients. I am very pleased with how Front Office has increased the profitability of my business since I am unable to answer my calls when I am with clients. picture"

Cindy Yacur
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